Hoang Dinh (Harry)

- Founder -

IMG_9320 - Dinh Le Dang Hoang.jpg

Studied Business Management

at Lincoln University

5 years of experience in Translation & Interpreting field in demanding markets, namely UK, US, Singapore, etc.

 "Working for customer's satisfaction."

My Uyen (Mavis)

- QA Manager -

IMG_4038 - Talent Manager.JPG

Studied Translation and Interpreting at University of Languages and International Studies - Vietnam National University

5 years of experience in freelance translation and interpreting, for clients, namely Netflix, NBCUniversal, SDImedia, iSEE, etc.

 "Always strive for excellence and differences."

Luo Bing

English <> Chinese


399b5bc3250c2967507e0e9f0694d2d - Robin

Studied Master of Translation and Interpretation at University of International Business and Economics

Worked for household names, such as: Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover and Leo Burnett

"Always down to details and show good attitude. "

Tania Valadez

English <> Spanish


Tania Vallu.jpg

Studied Interpreting (English, Spanish, French) at Instituto Superior de Intérpretes y Traductores

Worked as an interpreter & translator (French, English, Spanish) in Montreal, Canada for the Consulate General of Mexico

"Nothing will work unless you do."

Natasha Yune

English <> Myanmar


Natasha Yune - Yune Waddy Htut.jpg

Studied Philosophy at University of Yangon

Worked as an interpreter at University of Yangon

 "Self-realization makes happiness."

Khanh Vi

English <> Vietnamese Interpreter

Vi Vi Phan.jpg

Studied International Business

Worked at Lasta Multi Media - Chaperon, "Miss Grand International 2017", CreaTV

"Listen, Learn and Speak when I want and when needed."

Iryna Vasileuska

English <> Ukrainian/Russian Interpreter

studiofoto.by-1 - Irina Dem.jpg

Studied English Philology

Freelance translator - interpreter in various fields: medical, legal, insurance, etc.

"Improving myself every day."

Lye Cheyenne

English <> Mandarin/Cantonese Interpreter

Cheyenne Headshot - Cheyenne Lye.JPG

Studied Law (LLB) at University of Malaya

Freelance translator - interpreter

"Be patient and have a serving heart in every circumstances."

Thuy Tien

English <> Vietnamese Interpreter

Thuy Tien.jpg


Studied Hotel Management at National Economics University

Freelance Interpreter

 "Attitude is everything."

Kristina Ilciukaite

English <> Spanish


linkedin profile - Kristina Ilciukaite.j

Studied Translation and Interpreting at Malaga University

Translated 10 published books into Spanish.

"Only sky is the limit."

Calvin Tan

English <> Mandarin/Cantonese Interpreter

Calvin Tan.jpeg

Studied English, Chinese and Japanese language proficiency at language school

Worked as a freelance interpreter for Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) in Malaysia, travel agencies and the Japanese government.

"Responsibility and carefulness."


English <> Tagalog


Derla - Marvin Derla.jpg


Studied BS Architecture at University of San Agustin

Freelance translator and interpreter

“I don't think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday" -  Abraham Lincoln -

Thu Hien

English <> Vietnamese Interpreter

Tran Thi Thu Hien - Tranthithu Hien.jpg

Studied English Translation and Interpretation at University of Languages and International Studies.


Worked at JICA

"If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail."

Tran Van Nhat

English <> Vietnamese Interpreter

_MG_4120 - Trần Văn Nhật.jpg

Studied Customer Service

Freelance interpreter and translator for Ubisoft, Apple inc., Amazon, E2F Translations Inc., etc.

"Practice makes perfect."

Ha Mi

English <> Vietnamese Interpreter

20200622_142844 - Huỳnh Hà Mi.jpg


Studied Teaching English language at Quy Nhon University

Worked as a translator and interpreter at CNG for 3 years

"Practice makes perfect."

Kar Men Low

English <> Cantonese/Mandarin Interpreter

Karmen Low.jpg

Studied Business Administration at Universiti Putra Malaysia

Worked as an interpreter at Satellite Affordable Housing Associates

"Be determined and patient."

Thuy Duong

English <> Vietnamese Interpreter

vang - Project Manager 4.jpg

Studied English interpretation at Unviversity of Foreign language study - University of Da Nang

Worked as a content writer and translator for Xuan Tu's Vietnam Tours

"Work hard and eager to learn new things on a daily basis."

David Lee

English <> Mandarin/Cantonese Interpreter

A1B8D1A7-CA41-47C7-9098-3EC507C65F19 - d


Studied Law at University of Malaya

Freelance translator and interpreter

"Patience is key."

Tan Jia Shen

English <> Mandarin


Profile Picture (Tan Jia Shen) (2) - Jia


Studied Law at University of Malaya

3 years of experience in translation field

"Be a functional human."

Boran Smagulov

English <> Russian


download (2) - Boran Smagulov.png

Studied Marketing Science

Freelance translator and interpreter

"No communication barrier ever."

Chung Sow Shinn

English <> Cantonese/Mandarin Interpreter

photo (USA) - Sow Shinn Chung.jpg

Studied Psychology at HELP University

Worked as an interpreter at Japan Association of Contemporary Art, Hair Make Workshop by Tomoya Tamada

"A bridge between cultures."

Thu Thao

English <> Vietnamese Interpreter

IMG_8285 copy - Bùi Thảo.jpg


Studied IT at University of Hanoi

Freelance translator and interpreter

"Knowledge is power."

Quoc Hoan

English <> Vietnamese Interpreter

IMG_20200211_094203 - Quốc Hoàn Trần.jpg

Studied Translation and Interpreting at University of Languages and International Studies - Vietnam National University

Interpreter at Ivy League

"Don’t count the days, make the days count."

Dang Truc

English <> Vietnamese Interpreter

IMG_0273 - June Dang.JPG

Studied Marketing at Swinburn University

Freelance translator and interpreter

"You don't know what you are capable of until you give it a try."

Keddy Zhao

English <> Mandarin


photo of me - Keddy Zhao.JPG

Studied International Managment at SOAS Univerysity of London

Worked as an interpreter at Oxford University

"Always trying to help."


and many more interpreters from all around the world.





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