We aim to give everyone in the world access to highly-qualified interpreters of any language pair over the phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Over-the-phone interpretation (OPI)
The solution to replace traditional interpretation services

Vietranslate has spared no effort to figure out a solution for traditional interpretation services. Over-the-phone interpretation service is born in order to overcome these shortcomings, such as difficulties in finding qualified interpreters, high cost,  having to book days before the assignment, etc. We believe that OPI will be the top choice not only in Vietnam but also other countries in the world.



In the era of 4.0 and global economic integration, language barrier is one of the biggest questions that needs resolving. Therefore, the introduction of OPI is a Vietranslate’s breakthrough with the aim to meet the increasing demand for interpreters. 

Lucky enough to be involved in the OPI industry in the United States from the first days, Harry - founder of Vietranslate has experienced substantial benefits this service offers. Given no geographical limitations, OPI can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime with a perfectly reasonable cost.  

In view of these advantages, the demand for OPI has been booming in a large number of

nations, namely Britain, America, Canada, Australia etc., whose companies, government agencies

invest millions of US dollars a year in OPI to satisfy their demand for interpretation services. Thanks

to that, communities with limited English proficiency (Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, etc.)
in the United States can lead a more convenient and assuring life. Our esteemed clients include government agencies (...),

hospitals and clinics (...), schools (...), commercial companies (...) and so on. We receive thousands of calls requesting interpretation service solely from the United States every day.

Having realized OPI’s enormous potential and benefits, Vietranslate decided to become the pioneer and bring it to Vietnam with an ambition to help agencies, businesses and users access interpretation services conveniently and economically. We hope OPI will overcome existing drawbacks of traditional interpretation services in Vietnam. Vietranslate was, is and will be striving for OPI’s optimization for the purpose of our beloved nation’s development and global economic integration.

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